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I have something confused about Godot Official Documents pages and if someone can help me to know how to use it better, I will very appreciate you.

For documents of Class, in the “Properties” and “Methods” subsections, we can see two vertical columns that correspond to each other. I would like to know what the contents of these two columns belong to, is it a method name? Is it a class? Or what?
A example, in the below’s screenshot, we can see many keywords like “void”, “Variant”, “Node”, “Array” etc in the left, and in the right, we can see some actions like " get_node ( NodePath path ) const ",“get_parent ( ) const” etc. May I ask what are they? I guess the actions in the right are specific function methods. But how about keywords in the left? Are they names of Types? Are they names of Bases? Or others?

Perhaps my presentation was a bit confusing and I apologize for my not-so-authentic English. But if anyone can understand my question perfectly and willing to help, I really thank to them.


These are the Type of the properties or the return Type of the methods

For example the can_process() method in your screenshot returns a bool (boolean) value which is either true or false

Methods with the return type void return nothing.

This isn’t specific to Godot so some generic programming resources might help with this concept

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Thank you very much. I saw there are many return types instead of only bool, Variant, Constant, Integer. For example there are also some keywords like “Node”, “Resource”, “Vector2i” ect so I’m hesitating.

But I really thank your explaining🥰. Have a nice day.

i think it’s confusing for new learner, there’s no table header to describe what it’s that the contents are representing, just full 2 columns of text
but i believe it’s basically just the order of writing a function in most famous C language, so it can be interpreted as return type first, then method name with its parameter

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Yep, man! That is how I feel and want to point out as a new learner. If there were a table header to describe or just notify in somewhere as a default behavior, I think it’s better.

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