SoulGlitcher - platfoprmer with glitch inspired gameplay

During the “days of terror” of COVID, out of boredom, I played around with the Godot Engine. I simply followed a tutorial and started tinkering. Kids peeking over my shoulder inspired me to quickly make their avatars. All done hastily, just to throw into the engine and code for a bit. But as someone messed up by art edu, it started becoming increasingly important for it to somehow look decent… and so I ended up with a somewhat functioning prototype… now, after a few years, I’ve started thinking about maybe doing something with it, but I calculated the budget needed to release this monumental work and it passed.

Although maybe if I found a programmer and I focused on the visuals… who knows…

Nevertheless, I would gladly welcome some feedback on what I have. Please let me know what you think. Mostly about visuals.

Gameplay video:

For those who want to give it a try, I’ve made a page on where you can download it, and there’s also a description how to play:

There’s a version for Linux, WIN and MacOS.

The idea for the mechanics roughly goes like this: kids in a glitchy world, which can both help and hinder… in the prototype, I made “glitch islands” that freeze time and generally help with jumps, but they are somewhat distracting, serving as an element to showcase this idea.

I also have a storyline, but it’s more of a pretext, although I tried to keep everything explained within the logic of glitches. I won’t go into it.

Visually, I’d like to juxtapose the contrast of fairy tales like Mario with a world reminiscent of Blasphemous. The latter would be reflected by the antagonists and progress in the game, the further you go, the darker it gets.

For now, none of this will happen…
Some images:


Looks great! Are glitches purely visual or do they have a bearing on the gameplay? In any case, it looks neat!

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Thank you for your feedback.
About glitches: Yes, the idea is that glitches are the essence of the gameplay, not only visually. For example, I’ve created “glitch islands” that stop time and give you more time in the air, allowing you to use them to your advantage. However, they can also be distracting. I have some other ideas that can be used in a similar manner; perhaps I will implement them later.

I’ve decided to start with something smaller, so I’m leaning towards creating an endless runner game, similar to Alto’s Adventure. Meantime, I’ve made some characters.