Sprite quality on Mac vs Windows

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I am trying to figure out why the sprites look different on Windows vs Mac. The Windows version looks much more pixelated… these are not pixel graphics.


First pic is on the Mac with a Studio Display. Second is on Windows with a 1920x1080 display.

Are there some settings I can change to improve the quality of the PC version? Any recommendations to improve overall quality on both platforms? My game is 2D with a fixed camera.


I assume your 5k Mac monitor is scaling the window. Providing more pixel resolution than the 1080 windows monitor. You could turn on filters for the sprite itself, via the sprite2d flags, or import the image resource options, or I’m sure there are other filters in the project settings like FXAA for example, as well as different scaling options for the windows.

I guess there a bit more testing on my end to get the correct settings. I’m using 1920x1080 as the viewport size with high res sprites, but it just does not look good when exporting to Windows. I did try changing filter settings with no luck.

Thanks for the reply…

Have you read this?

I have. I’ve been going through this will not much success to my issue… yet.


I have access to the both OS systems. I could take a stab at it if you could share the ship asset as the control factor?

Thanks for the offer… I may reach out if I have further difficulty.

I did make some headway though…

  1. I noticed that my graphic was enormous, so I resized it down in Photoshop instead of scaling it down so much.

  2. The root of this sprite is a Rigidbody2D and I was rotating it when instancing it, so I guess I was fighting the physics system.

I think these 2 fixes above helped smooth out the graphic a lot.

  1. My PC monitor is 1024x1200, 16:10… not 16:9. I downloaded the multiple resolutions demo and checked it out. I have not started any UI work but will add something like this to allow the user to select the monitor resolution and aspect ratio which I think will add the final touch on it.

Thanks for your assistance @pennyloafers. This is/was a great learning experience all around.

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