Sprite2D does not play properly with AnimationPlayer

Godot Version



I am writing an example while looking at a Godot book.

I had a question while using sprite2d.

There are 6 horizontal animation sprites,

When creating with AnimatedSprite2D
No problem occurred as shown in this video

When playing Sprite2D with AnimationPlayer

The animation was not as natural as when animated with AnimatedSprite2D.

Because it’s 6 frames
I wanted to play from 0 to 5 frames every 0.1 seconds from 0 to 0.6 seconds, but it didn’t work properly.

I’m curious about how to hold 2 key frames in AnimationPlayer to make it work properly.
(set update mode to continuous)

Its better to have all 6 key-frames inside of it, so it will play continously
i think the problem is that you set the last frame outside of the animation. Set the last (2nd) frame to 0.5 since it starts with 0.0