Stress Gunner Camp 🔫


Hello dear friends!

I am pleased to announce that I have created my first game using the Godot Engine. Prior to this, I was engaged in game development with the Unreal Engine. However, a few weeks ago, unfortunate events occurred with Unity Engine, leading me to think that similar issues might arise in the future with Unreal Engine as well. For this reason, I decided to start learning Godot Engine, which I had become familiar with through my friends.

The process of creating this game took about 6 weeks. I am very eager for you to experience my game and see your gameplay. In the future, I plan to create even better games, and I hope you enjoy my work. If you like it, I would be happy for your support.


Our current team consists of two people: myself as the developer and my friend as the game designer. Thank you to all of you for your companionship and support.

Wishing peace and success to everyone.

Play on itch io: