Suddent error while trying to execute

i got this error on my proyect: “— Debugging process stopped —
scene/main/node.cpp:2006 - Parameter “common_parent” is null.”

i think it has relation with: Invalid get index ‘reparent_requested’ (on base: ‘Control (CardUI)’).

Your code has 2000 lines??

That stack trace is referring to the source code for the godot engine, of which the base Node type .cpp currently sits at 3950 lines of code! It is probably irrelevant if there are any other errors in the log.

Oh wow that’s some trivia you got there

Can you post the script you believe is most relevent? If there are any other errors or a stack trace can you post that as well?

I think that the problem its that the card doesnt init the state machine:
class_name CardUI
extends Control

signal reparent_requested(which_card_ui: CardUI)
const BASE_STYLEBOX := preload(“res://Scenes/card/StyleBoxes/card_base_styleBox.tres”)
const HOVER_STYLEBOX := preload(“res://Scenes/card/StyleBoxes/card_hover_styleBox.tres”)
const DISSOLVE = preload(“res://global/shaders/dissolve.tres”)

@export var card:Card : set = _set_card
@export var player_stats : Player
@onready var panel = $SubViewportContainer/SubViewport/Panel
@onready var cost = $SubViewportContainer/SubViewport/Cost
@onready var icon = $SubViewportContainer/SubViewport/Icon
@onready var container = $SubViewportContainer
@export var angle_x_max: float = 6.5
@export var angle_y_max: float = 6.5
@onready var drop_point_detector = $DropPointDetector
@onready var card_state_machine: CardStateMachine = $CardStateMachine as CardStateMachine
@onready var targets: Array[Node] =

var parent: Control
var tween: Tween
var tween_hover: Tween
var tween_destroy: Tween

func _ready() → void:
print(“READY CARD”)
card_state_machine.init(self) #HERE ITS WHERE I THINK IT FAILS
self.container.material.shader =

Here is the init function:

func init(card: CardUI)-> void: #Parámetro cardui
for child in get_children(): #Por cada hijo de la ui
if child is CardState: #Si es un estado
states[child.state]=child #Lo añadimos al diccionario de estados
child.transition_requested.connect(_on_transition_requested) #Función que gestiona las transiciones
child.card_ui=card #Pasamos la referencia card al propio estado
if initial_state:

nop, the problem isnt there

Thanks a lot dudes i found that the error was thas godot ereased the base state as the initial from the statemachine probably something related to git