Super Practica - An open-source game to optimize learning mathematics

Super Practica

I’m working on a game to optimize learning mathematics, called Super Practica. When it’s done, anyone will be able to play it to learn mathematics from arithmetic to a very advanced level.

I spent a long time researching and prototyping to develop and become confident in my approach. No other game (that I know of) does anything like what I’m planning. I had to write a short book just to introduce the theory and design.

But I only have this rough demo right now. It proves the concept (to me at least) and is technically playable, though I don’t recommend it.

It’s Open Source

Would anyone be interested in working together with me on this? If so, then I would spend some time posting design specifications and contribution documents to make it easier to contribute.

Either way, I’ll be working on making a really representative demo.


Website (including a more complete introduction)
The “Blueprint”
Play Demo Online (Caution: It will be frustrating in this early form.)
Project Repositories
Development “Forum”


Educational games are a not very exploited niche. If its for childs, you need to do some eye-candy and simple interface. If its for adult learning too, It’s not that important.

Making good graphics and optimizing usability will be done later. My focus right now is on making the core mechanics.