Survival Horror Template

Hey everyone!
Hope this is the right place to post this, as this is a template / base project NOT a plugin. The categories in showcase didn’t seem to fit either, so I posted here instead.

I recently released my Godot 4 Survival Horror Template on itch.

With it you are able to make your own oldschool survival horror style game.

The template contains the source code for

  • Using fixed camera angles in a 3D environment
  • enemy behavior (walking and attacking) and spawning
  • items, inventory and equipment
  • ranged and melee combat
  • status effects (like poison)
  • loot drops/item pickups
  • book reading

I’ve made a video showing off the features, in case you want to see these things in action:

This template has a lot to offer, making it the ideal code base for your own game, be it free or commercial.

Thanks for checking it out and have a nice day!

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