Switching the running game to use Wayland

Godot Version

4.3-beta1? (godot-git from the AUR, compiled from source, but it says 4.3.beta.custom_build [04bf7d4ca])


How do I switch the DisplayServer from being X11/XWayland to being native wayland? 4.3 is supposed to have this functionality but I can’t seem to find it. It looks really pixelated without it. I am on Arch Linux with Hyprland as the DE. I was able to get the editor running in Wayland with a launch flag, but I don’t know how to do it to the running build.

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Here is the relevant devlog, looks like there are two settings. For the editor it’s “run/platforms/linuxbsd/prefer_wayland” in the editor settings. For the project it’s “display/display_server/driver.linux”.

If you are trying to run a built game with wayland then the build must have been exported with a beta version of Godot which seems unlikely, but you can use the command line option --display-driver wayland

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