Syncing properties of autoloaded nodes

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Is there a way to sync autoloaded node parameters with a MultiplayerSynchronizer? I’m making a small game and all of the state variables are in an autoloaded GameState Node. I’m trying to add multiplayer functionality and so I’d like to synchronize some of those state variables between the clients, but I can’t figure out how to reference those parameters in the Replication tab of the MultiplayerSynchronizer.
I’ve tried these paths and all result in errors that they can’t find the object

If this isn’t possible, what’s the standard practice in this situation to synchronize these variables?

You need an absolute node path, it may be something like


The other less direct way would be to setup a script that keeps track of the autoload variables and updates its own copy of the variables that it will sync, and apply those synced properties back to the autoload for clients.