Tab Container moves things outside of itself when switching tabs

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Not sure why this is happening. The tab container is moving a panel that’s not under it, or under any of its parents except for the Aspect Ratio Container.

And this panel should be rendering after it since it’s low on the inspector list.

And yet, when I switch tabs, the panel jumps down to below some text labels I have in the tab menu. Ever seen this before? What could it be?

Tried posting this to the Godot reddit so here’s me describing this issue another way:

I have a tab container and parallel to it, completely unrelated, I have a box container with a Texture Rect inside (these 2 are low on the list of the Scene tree, so they should render later-- btw I tried changing their Order to 1 to see if that’d help- it didn’t).

When I change tabs, the texture rect visibly jerks down to below this particular tab menu’s labels and margin container. No idea why. Please help. Maybe you have recommendations for alternative ways to have something cover the screen? Would rather not cut to another scene for this, but if I have to, I guess that’s an alternative.

Post your scene structure and code. There’s not enough information.

Here’s the structure. Highlighted is the thing that moves (ScreenCoverBox) when it shouldn’t. menuTabContainer is the tab container, and Phone is the particular tab that moves the ScreenCoverBox inexplicably.

There’s no code to share because tab containers form working tabs based on child components.

I found a work-around for this issue. (Seems like all my posts here are just a record of me solving my own problems lol) but the way around this is just by making whatever you want to turn-on/become visible on top of a tab container to have “Top Level” checked off in its properties. That’s all it needed. There’s always a check-box somewhere…