Table alignment with row highlighting

How to create a table like this one without the lines between cells, with the ability to change the colour of a row when mouse entered it?

I created a scene for the row that has margin container node as a root node, hboxcontainer (with multiple labels as children), and a colorrect. Then I added multiple rows to vboxcontainer.

This worked fine, but the problem is in alignment. I want to align the texts for rows and columns as in this image.

Any ideas?

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aligning text basically just set the label node’s text to center
if you want it left (which is default), set it to the left


thing is tho, you will want it to be full rect for the label, so it cover your one of the cell in the HBoxContainer

When you say “alignment” do you mean the text within the cells, or do you mean how all of “Statistic” is one width and all of “N” is one width?