Task Force: A Tactical Squad-Based FPS | New Demo Out Now!

Command your troops, outmaneuver and outwit the enemy in Task Force, a tactical squad-based FPS!

Experience full control over your AI comrades, giving orders to move, hold positions, and CHARGE!

Trailer: Link to trailer

Link to Demo

All feedback is massively appreciated :slight_smile:


Very interesting. It’s not quite obvious exactly what to do and how to do it, but once I figured it out, the mission was over.

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Yeah, it’s a bit of a complex game. Getting a proper tutorial in there is #1 priority. Sorry it took you a while to figure stuff out, hope you still enjoyed your time!

Yep, the game is, in my opinion, very interesting and not quite ordinary.

It was more difficult for me to understand the hints, because I do not know the language of the aborigines of the misty island very well. But when I understood how to manage and what to do, I passed at the first attempt, although there were dramatic moments.

If you want to translate the game into Slavic languages (Russian :ru:, Ukrainian :ukraine:, Polish :poland:) I will be glad to help.

“The aborigines of the misty island” :joy:
Currently I am not in need of translating into other languages, but thank you for your offer!
Glad you took the time to play my game and found it interesting, are there any other things you would like to see improved?

Of course there is!

The mission turned out to be not difficult at all, if you think about it a bit. But it’s good to think about it.

First of all, I’m not sure that my way of passing was intended and is not cheating.

How I went through:

I placed all my soldiers directly underneath the enemy ship at the enemy landing site. And started running around control points capturing them. My soldiers, of course, heroically died, but the enemy had no chance to win — just not enough time.

To avoid this, you can use two methods or combine them:

  1. Disembark not in one point, but in different - arbitrary. And it will look more logical. When the landing boat arrives, and not hanging bandura in one place.
  2. To give value to the soldiers. For example, allow them to gain experience and carry veterans between missions. In general, transferring units from mission to mission is a good idea for any strategy game.

Ah yes, that’s a problem I’ve been working on, definitely not intended lol. Thanks for your insights! There will be a system that encourages keeping your soldiers alive, most likely in the form of XP for each soldier kept alive.

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