Teleporting player to a position

Godot 4.1.2

I have a question, so i have a teleporter object where the player would teleport to its position if they were in range of it and trigger when a input is pressed, It works if the scene contains one of them but it messes put when there’s two of it. only sending the player into the teleporter who is lower in the tree. how can I make it that the player would be sent to the right station instead of being sent onto a specific one?

Use the teleporter’s global_position to set the player.global_position. Both teleporters should share one script and the detection areas shouldn’t overlap.

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actually thats what I actually use, having it as the global_position doesn’t work.

Make sure you reference the correct teleporter. Without code we can’t help much. But it definitely sounds like the teleporting works as expected, but the wrong teleporter object is referenced.


If the teleporters hold the teleporting logic and get the player reference from an Area2D for example it should work. But yeah without code we can’t do very much.

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