The App doesn't close on "go back" after run (Godot Mobile)

Godot Version

Godot Mobile v4.2


I am making and app in Godor Mobile and I cannot close the app after running it, the “go back” button of my phone and the button node which in code execute “get_tree().quite()” doesn’t work, I have the option “quit on go back” enable on the project settings and I also have tried a project form the library “Maze Generator (No Loops)” and it closes with my “go back” button. I don’t know which is different with my new created project and the one form the Library, I very confuse XD, maybe it’s a bug, but I wanted to be sure.

it should close the game by clicking the go back button in android from what i tested few days ago, it’s probably a bug on your 4.2 version, but you can try with notification. put this to your core or main script

func _notification(what):
	match what:
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Notification didn’t work neither, maybe is a bug related to the quit() func. Probably is a bug, I didn’t mention it, but this also happened on the previous versions of Godot Mobile. Since it was released, it never worked to me, at that time the Godot Mobile thing was new, and I supposed it was a general bug that would be solved soon or latter but seems to be a specific problem with my phone. I should report it then.

there’s this issue, might be related to what you have rn

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