The Dialogic plugin gives an error after a timeline is finished.

Godot Version



Every time a timeline ( a set of dialogues ) has finished running, Godot gives me this error -
E 0:00:08:0067 @ _on_dialogic_input_action(): Attempt to disconnect a nonexistent connection from ‘[Text:-9223371834555102963]’. Signal: ‘advance’, callable: ‘GDScriptFunctionState::_signal_callback’.
<C++ Error> Condition “!s->slot_map.has(*p_callable.get_base_comparator())” is true. Returning: false
<C++ Source> core/object/object.cpp:1420 @ _disconnect() @ _on_dialogic_input_action() @ handle_input() @ _on_gui_input()

Hi, this sounds like a bug in the Dialogic code, you can report it here GitHub - dialogic-godot/dialogic: 💬 Create Dialogs, Visual Novels, RPGs, and manage Characters with Godot to create your Game! if it’s not already been reported.