The new change_scene_to_* not as smooth as before

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The new change_scene_to_* behavior in Godot (4.2) does not seem to be transitioning from scene (1-2) as smoothly as before. Sometimes the screen flicks and I can see the grey default viewport and mostly the loaded scene(scene 2) starts to load new data values after the scene is visible. Tried preloading there isn’t much of a change. Any idea what I’m missing?

Builtin functions for changing scenes are really only suitable for quick prototyping or really small games with small scenes that load instantly.

For everything else you would need to build a proper loading screen, hiding what happens between scenes, like most games do.


Thanks, this completely slipped and true, my scenes are loading a lot of data. I thought something was wrong with my port to Godot 4.2. Again thanks

The Background Loading section of the documentation is a good starting place for understanding how to create such a loading screen transition.