The problem with 2d sprites in a 3d game

Godot Version


I want to make a game in which 2d sprites will be used in the 3d world, however, I ran into a problem.

There is an emoji sprite in my game. When I use it in 2d objects, then everything is fine with it and it looks the way I exported it. But after I use it in 3d objects (AnimatedSprite 3D, Sprite3D, and so on), it changes its appearance (the video example shows that extra light yellow pixels appear on the emoji, and extra grey pixels appear near the eyes). Moreover, the sprite changes its appearance not only specifically in this 3d object, but also in the file manager and other 2d objects (I showed this when I switched from Sprite3D to Sprite2D). This error happens not only with this sprite, but also with any other.


How do I solve this problem?

You might notice in the console it printed something along the lines of “set compression mode to VRAM compressed” Godot will automatically set textures used in 3D scenes to a compressed format. You can undo this by clicking your PNG, check the Import tab, and set mode to “Lossless” or “VRAM Uncompressed”

Thanks a lot