Tilemap rotation 60°

4.3 Godot Version

I’m working on a Tilemap, but I’m using hexagons and not rectangles. I’m running into the issue, that the build-in rotation for Tiles is limited to 90° increments. But rotating a hexagon by 90° is of no use for me, I need 60° steps.

Is there any way to achieve custom rotations? Or modify the 90° to 60°?

Rotations are stored as an index in the tiledata, I think only the orthogonal are allowed. It’s not stored as the rotation value, but as an enum. So there is not really a way to fit a custom rotation value in there.

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I see, so i guess ill have to import 3 sets of tiles, 2 already rotated.
Thank you

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You could also implement your own TileMap. It’s a nice feature to have out of the box but it’s also not very difficult to write your own either.