TileSet Terrain Sets

Last year, I spent some time creating docs for Godot 4’s new terrain sets. While there wasn’t interest in reviewing/merging them for the official docs, some users found them useful as a reference. However, I recently learned the Github preview no longer shows inline images, which makes it hard to follow from the original PR.

So I posted a PDF version in a separate Github repo: GitHub - dandeliondino/godot-4-tileset-terrains-docs: Documentation for Godot 4's TileSet terrain sets.

It contains tutorials for the following topics. It also includes explanations for frequently asked questions, like what the center bits are for.

  • Creating terrain sets (autotiling)
    • Understanding how terrains work
    • Choosing a terrain mode
      • Match Sides
      • Match Corners
      • Match Corners and Sides
    • Setting up a new terrain set
      • Setting up terrain tiles in Paint mode
      • Setting up terrain tiles in Select mode
    • Special cases
      • Animating terrain tiles
      • Using probabilities for multiple tiles with the same bitmask
      • Using alternative tiles for one tile with multiple bitmasks

This repo includes all the example scenes with TileSets set up, as well as autotile templates in png and svg formats.

The pdf format is not ideal, but hopefully this will continue to be useful as a reference until the official docs are updated.