Time animation to soundtrack for a cutscene

Hi there !

I’m trying to make an introduction cutscene for my game.

To do this, I need my various keyframes to be correctly timed to the soundtrack I’m using.

I’ve added an “Audio Playback Track” with the soundtrack in question to my AnimationPlayer.

When I play the animation from the beginning, the soundtrack starts correctly, but if I move the cursor further down the timeline, trying to find a particular moment in the soundtrack, the music doesn’t play and I can’t time my other keyframes to find the right moment to play the other animations.

Is this a bug? What’s the right way to do what I want to do?

For example, for the first 5 seconds of the soundtrack, I want the camera to drop slowly, then when the music really starts, I want to show the boat appearing as the music “drops”. But here I’m having trouble finding that exact moment, because the only way I can play the soundtrack is from the beginning of the timeline.

Below a screenshot of my timeline.

Thanks !

If you just double-click the sound file in the file browser in bottom-left that’s part of the editor, you’ll get interface that shows exact time stamp for any picked part of the soundtrack.

then just move your frame(s) to that point in time.

hope that helps

So there’s no way to get an audio feedback directly in the AnimationPlayer interface, no matter where the cursor starts playing ?

Ok this is a bug since 4.2 : AudioStreamPlayer keyframe is silent if the AudioClip starts at an negative time position · Issue #85088 · godotengine/godot (github.com)

Rollbacked to 4.1 fixed the issue

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