Timer operation. Every second event

Godot Version 4.2.1 Mono.


I have the 3 timers:

private float freezingTimer = 0;
private float burningTimer = 0;
private float poisoningTimer = 0;
public override void _PhysicsProcess(double delta)
     freezingTimer = Convert.ToSingle(Godot.Mathf.Clamp(freezingTimer - delta, 0f, 10f));
     burningTimer = Convert.ToSingle(Godot.Mathf.Clamp(burningTimer - delta, 0f, 10f));
     poisoningTimer = Convert.ToSingle(Godot.Mathf.Clamp(poisoningTimer - delta, 0f, 10f));

I want to make it so that after every certain time (like a second or half a second, whatever I want), I have an opportunity to perform a certain action, in my case call the damage function. How can this be tested?

why not using a timer node instead?

This design coped with its “test tasks”, and I didn’t see the need to make a timer node, since I didn’t know how to track every second anyway. If you know how to track, show me, I’ll rewrite it for the godot timer

My solution:
Replace the regular timer with a tick timer.
Set the number of ticks of the object, the base time of one tick.
Start the timer at a time equal to the base time of one tick and make a check, if there are still ticks, then take away one and start the timer again and so on until the ticks run out.

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I’ve just opened this thread to tell you that.

You should’ve inherited from timer and make your own.
I’ve done something like that on my project. :slight_smile:

Is the new implementation better now?

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