Transparent background show black

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I made a game that shows a cat on screen with a transparent background. On some machines, it works perfectly but on others, it shows a black background instead
I have enabled:

  • transparent
  • transparent BG
  • per pixel transparency
  • window.transparent
  • window.transparent BG
    I have tried:
  • reimporting
  • change the Viewport to transparent
  • change from mobile to forward+

here is the link to the project: Office Cat by Ken's studio

image that it dosen't work

I fixed it

That’s awesome! what was it that fixed the issue? it could help the other people having the same problem in the future.

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Switch to compatibility should do the trick.
It seems that there are problems with loading transparent backgrounds in Godot forward+ and mobile renderer mode. This issue only appears on some PCs, but not on others.
I believe this is a bug, as some of the affected PCs are only 1-2 years old and have powerful graphics cards.

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