Trouble importing animations from blender

Godot Version



I have been trying to bring animations from blender into Godot but when ever I import them only one mesh moves. I’ve imported it as a glif, I’ve baked the animations in blender I don’t know what to do. How do you bring blender animations to your games?

Are you using an armature? Could you show us your blender scene and what results in Godot?

I am not using an armature. Is that what I should be using? How do you use armature?

If you are animating multiple objects in blender then godot might import the animation as multiple tracks, one for each object. But if you animate an armature it will move all in syncronicity. In blender you add an armature and extend bones, at least one per moving part.

You have to fake a user in the action editor for blender to actually save/export a animation too.

Alright thanks!