Trying to figure out animations on my collectible

Godot Version



Hey Godotians (?). I’m learning Godot and Blender by remaking my Dreams game Gemini Rising.

I’m starting easier concepts like doing the collectible which is a icosahedron. It will rotate and pulse with glow. I’m guessing this part is easy with just an animation keyframing the rotation and the emissive property of the material can you keyframe the material from blender or do you need to remake it in Godot to add the glow pulse.

When you collect it will have a different animation. I’ve been able to setup the blender shape keys to animate the faces upwards for the collection animations. Got it imported from Blender and it works :scream:

Now I’m trying to finish the collecrion animation with like sound and other bits but because you can’t seem to edit the animation imported from blender, I’m guessing I have to make a second Godot animation and just play them at the same time?

The Godot part will add a bit of fog, emission and sound and fade out. Also learning how to make the object fade out which apparently is a complicated material override with depth etc. that will also be added to the animation timelines.

Am I on the right track here?

You’ll need to create the animation in Godot to keyframe the material changes.

You can set a save path for animations in the Advanced Import dialog (double click on the model file) and set it to Keep custom tracks so re-importing the model won’t remove your custom tracks. Then you’ll be able to modify that animation in Godot when creating a New inherited scene from the model to add the audio tracks and other things.

To fade out a MeshInstance3D you can modify the GeometryInstance3D.transparency property of it.

Thanks very much. I’ve been making progress and realised the shape keys property is exposed in the inspector which allowed me to key frame it from 0…1. On the same timeline I also figured out how to add the audio into the timeline as well.

Then the fog stuff I’m gonna rather use a GPU particle system to create the bits of fog I need (using a tutorial).

Then I’ll use that transparency setting you mentioned.

I’ll probably gonna have to make a new material because I can’t figure out how to keyframe the blender material to glow. I tried and material override but it turns black instead of keeping the original color. Still got a lot of work to figure out.

Thanks again.