Turn-Based Multiplayer Strategies

Godot Version

Godot 4.2


Hi all, I am attempting to make a fairly simple game for my group of friends, the game itself is fairly simple in concept but the only real issue I am having is the multiplayer. Since my game is entirely turn based, I do not need any fancy real-time multiplayer synchronization (like every tutorial I have watched has delved into), and since it is a top down game (akin to the Civilization franchise if anyone is familiar), the MultiplayerSynchronizer node almost seems unnecessary from what I have seen (unless I am misunderstanding it’s purpose).

So in essence, all I need is a way to connect to the lobby (which I have successfully coded I think), but I am struggling with the synchronization aspect, as I need to sync, more than anything, variables within the scripts to variables from other players scripts and the map state, then syncing them upon turn end.

Not sure how well I described my problem, so if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them!

If you understand RPC then the MulSyn is an automatic simple version of that, just for variables. Which is what I think you said.

Since it is not real time you can use watch option and the delta interval.

If everyone is lobby first the game, with no re joining, Then it may actually not be useful.

It could all be run with RPC calls to function behaviors. Move to position. And deal X damage.

If it’s all deterministic then yes you are probably right. The game state doesn’t need to be synchronized.