TURRiCANOS • Game Project • WiP

I am renewing my long standing project, which I am coming to again. It’s a remake of Turrican 1,2 and 3 into one. So I hope it will interest the old hobbyists from the golden era of gaming.

Old test video gameplay with boss

See you soon


While I’m remembering all the things I’ve already done on the project, I’m going to write a kind of developer’s diary here. I hope nobody will mind and it will help somebody slightly.

I’m currently digging through the project and remembering how I did what I did. It is important for me to have a good file system and to store the data as compactly as possible.

I organize the data into one common structure, so I used the tileset organization in the GodotEngine that it provides and for one version of the game I used one tileset divided into groups. The advantage is that you can use tilesets everywhere even if they should not be present in a particular level.


Dragon Test • Chain animation

Dragon • The Enemy

For today I will add one more animation test. It was quite a challenge, because I didn’t use the classic frame by frame animation, but a generated one.

In order to get as close to the original as possible, I had to write a script to implement it and the result can be seen in the test animation.



Bouncing Ball Test

This was the first test of enemy respawn and collision with the enemy. Any enemy can be called into respawn. The goal was to create all possible mechanics at the beginning, so that I don’t have to deal with it at all in production time. Actually, that’s true of every game mechanic. :slight_smile:



Boss Fight Scene Test

Every boss fight mechanic is the same. So on one boss I have prepared all the mechanics for every other boss.


  1. Lock player camera to bossfight scene camera
  2. Start Boss Fight and boss introduction
  3. Fight time
  4. Boss damage to death and outro
  5. Boss dead animation
  6. Unclock bossfight scene camera to player camera

Plan is done and result is in test video.



Enemy the Actor

when I started to analyze all the enemy actors in the game, I created an internal web tool where I gradually collected them all.

I needed to find out all the characteristics and combine them all into one class. so now every enemy is the same class.

after this painstaking work I created one object in gdscript to set the properties of a specific enemy actor during production.

this analysis was very worthwhile. in one day I configured all the enemies from all the versions of the game.

I have gained all the variations and possibilities of the enemy actors’ characteristics.

I hope it will help someone and it will be inspiring for them.

and here is a test of several defined enemies:



.plan 2024
New Year is Here and TURRiCANOS must be done this Year. :godot:


A small projectile test
Attack_Tempo per enemy

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First Test • Advanced Weapon • Type Surround • version 0.1.T1



Cool! I would love to test this game. :sunglasses:

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This looks so awesome. It is really the most promising Turrican project I have ever seen. I wish you all the best and hope you will be able to finish this.

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Totally my kind of thing!

My wife has a Youtube channel where she does Piano covers Music of Amiga music. We were even lucky enough to meet Chris Hülsbeck last summer.


Awesome! :star_struck: :notes:

This reminds me of my childhood where I used to start the Amiga games in jukebox mode just to listen to the music. I even recorded it on casette to listen to it all the time and I imagined myself on stage playing that music.

This is why I started dreaming of creating my own music and games and somehow made it a reality, even if it only kept being a hobby up to this day. I wish Godot would have been a thing back then, but publicly accessible game engines haven’t been available until much later (same as Music production tools or even the internet).

Chris Hülsbeck is one of my childhood heros. Sadly I never met him. When he created the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology I was one of the higher tier backers which is why my name can be found in the thank you section of the booklet. So Turrican has always been special to me, which is why I really hope this project will be finished.

Turrican deserves much more love than it has been given lately, at least from my point of view. I hope I can show my love for it in one way or another in the near future as well.


this is a very strictly secret base, even I don’t know exactly where it is in the universe :godot:
but rumor has it that it is a secret area on Avalon 1

Second Test • Advanced Super Weapon • Type Surround • version 0.2.T1


Some good news from Turrican SETA about TURRiCANOS :godot:


Test • Advanced Super Weapon • Type Surround • version 0.3.0.T1
Small surround tunning


Gyroscope Grenade Test v0.1T2



the project is progressing successfully
the basic gameplay is finished, maybe just some small adjustments.


CLASSiC - Turrican 1, Turrican 2, Turrican 3. Commodore AMIGA version

CLASSiC+ - each version of the game is like one big level from the beginning to the end

PERMADEATH - like the CLASSiC+ mod, but with the difference that the player has only one life

ULTRA PERMADEATH - all try versions of Turrican as one big level and of course only one life :slight_smile:



PowerLine test version 0.1.T2
CyberBee Fest on Avalon 1

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Aww I love the ST2 armor ! Lovely particles on these powerlines !

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