TURRiCANOS • Game Project • WiP

I’m currently working on tweaking the mods for the game. As I wrote above there are 4 ( Classic, Classic+, Permadeath, Ultra Permadeath ).
… but, I decided to add one more very special. will not be for everyone :wink:

ULTIMATE PERMADEATH - is like Ultra Permadeath, the only difference is that if the player dies, the mod is locked and unavailable until the player passes the Classic+ mod, which unlocks the mod.

yes, I know it’s frustrating, but the achievement will be worth it :godot:


Hm nice ! I’ve been missing the “Maniac” mode from Turrican 3 with all the 1-Ups removed and the game set in Hard mode ^^.

Hi, Martin. I am really looking forward to play your TURRiCANOS.

Do you have a Discord channel, where people can give feedback, and follow the progress of this remake?

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thank you :slight_smile:
I don’t have any social channels, or rather I have X but I visit it very sporadically :wink:

this topic, it can be said is the official devlog. whenever I make progress with something, I put it here

That’s OK. I am going to follow the updates on this forum!
Thanks again for making this project!


Today I decided to migrate from version 3.2.3 to version 3.5.3

and this is the reason :wink:
version 3.2.3 Select Frames Window • missing those 3 magic buttons

version 3.5.3 for comparison

and of course very nice copying in inspector…

I don’t like to change versions during development but these two things were really frustrating in 3.2.3

I will believe that the 3.5.3 version is as good as the 3.2.3 version was



Progress Update • Current version 0.4.0

The project is progressing, I’m working on it every day, I just don’t have time to write here. I’ll just check the forums and help as much as I can. :slight_smile:
The levels are all done but I decided to optimize the tilesets. This means a complete redesign of the tileset and reindexing of the existing map.

Here is the process table to give me an overview of what is and what still needs to be done:

I decided to split the main tileset into smaller ones for size and mainly for the resources, which I can call individually as needed

Old Version 0.3.0

Current Version 0.4.0

The visual result is changeless. The reason is also that I would like Turricanos to be available on RPI and I don’t know yet what everything is waiting for me there. So it’s a kind of preparation for the future.



Optimization Process
The source tile was 32x32 pixel size. If we go back to the C64 days, it is a MetaTile composed of 4x4 pattern cells, where the cell had 8x8 pixels and this table was stored in memory and MetaTile pointed to it and popped up. ( it’s a pity that godot doesn’t have something like this in itself )

So I analyzed it and started redoing the original maps I made in 2020.
Here is the first step. For a good visualization in the editor I marked each tile with a number. The plan was also to clean the existing tile from excess pixels and to get a good tile alignment.

The next step is to create a new tileset. I chose 16x16 pixel size and demonstrated the tile to the new Tilemap

And then just go on and on and on and clean up all the maps and tilesets :slight_smile:



Parallax Test • T1 • Level 3-1
I won’t post here every parallax that I make, but just to show you one of many.



successful implementation of editing map items via TileMap


Holy JetPack, this is beautiful !


Very nice job!

I will follow this project through, just I have a question for an academic project of mine, I hope you can reply to that:

I would like to make a platformer in python and I was looking at turrican assets to recreate a small clone (nothing fancy).

Do you know what is the current copyright and license status for Turrican(1-2-3 at least)?

just to know if I can use the graphical assets or if I need some permission (factor5 does not reply, I tried…) or if it is enough just to mention…who?

Thanks again!