[Tutorial] Singletons in Godot

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ske-iL4mxdI

Hi folks! In this video, I explain the Singleton Design pattern, and how it applies to the Godot game engine. My goal was to encourage diving a bit deeper into programming principles, while still keeping it Godot focused (explanation of autoloads, etc).

Pleased to hear any feedback.


Speaking of, does anyone know why I cannot post in the ‘Resources’ section of the forums? I guess that would be a better section for this kind of thing.

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Here are the video notes: godot-yt-reference/godot-singletons/video-notes.md at main · SirLich/godot-yt-reference · GitHub


Here is a potential solution:

I have moved this to the Tutorials category :gdparty:


the link is to a video modeling a fish?


I… do not understand what went wrong. I also cannot edit the post anymore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ske-iL4mxdI

@winston-yallow could you possible overwrite the link in the original post with the link above? I’m deeply confused how this happened, as the edit history doesn’t show anything.

@sirlich I’ve updated the post. Old posts can not be edited by users (spam bots like to do that to insert ads into old posts), only admins can alter a post after some time.

As for why the wrong link was there in the first place: I checked all logs, and I can’t find any traces of a change so it seems like it was the wrong link from the start on :sweat_smile:

That is very odd. When I commented on this thread 14 days ago it was after I watched the tutorial.
I would have noticed the fish for sure. (lol)

I think something might be wrong here.

I made another post (see here: My first YT Tutorial: Custom Nodes using GDScript! - #15 by nutlike4693). In the comments, somebody was complaining my tutorial was too fast paced, so I sent the fish video to show my inspiration.

But somebody left a comment saying that both YT links pointed to the same video (somehow?). So I edited my post to change the YT link (which was pointing to my video) to point to the fish video.

And as a side effect, it somehow changed this posts link as well.

Is there some caching/link redirection stuff going on that means multiple posts with the same links are all “connected” somehow?

It really shouldn’t be :gdsweat:

I have absolutely no explanation for this. Except maybe the server is haunted by a ghost. But other than that, no idea.

We will definitely keep an eye on this though to investigate it in more detail in case it happens again. I’ll also adjust some logging settings to hopefully have better debug logs if it happens again.