TV Show Tycoon - Make Your Own TV Shows!


My blabbering :P

For a long while, I’ve been craving a tycoon game that you can create your own TV Shows. There are a few games where you can make your own movies and although I enjoy them a lot, it doesn’t scratch the same itch. Likewise, there are games where you run a TV Channel and you can make shows but it is not very detailed as they are not focused on it.

So I decided to make it myself in Godot 4 with my development group!

TV Show Tycoon is a text-based tycoon game where you can make your own TV Shows and release them on TV channels or online platforms. You can fine-tune your shows down to the small details and elements.

One thing that I complained the most about this kind of games is that reviews and audience reactions are usually placeholders. In TVT, we tried to make it different, focusing our efforts on the reviews a lot so the reviews of your critics and audience are actually responsive to the design choices you make while you are building your show, so that your choices feel like they actually matter. And today we have nearly 8250 unique reviews in the game!

You can also use the game’s Database Editor to create your own databases that contain custom characters (such as actors, directors etc.), networks (tv channels and online platforms), topics and themes. Or you can install databases made by other people!

We are hoping to release on Steam on May 24th. Please wishlist if you are interested!

And here’s the demo you can play!

Finally, the gameplay trailer!

We hope you like our game!