Tween help from 3 to 4 with a progressbar

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So I am new to Godot and was following this tutorial: [] and it is in Godot 3. I cant find a suitable replacement for Intraplate property.

What code do you have so far? This tutorial does a lot, hard to follow exactly where you are finding issue. And they check health every frame which seems like a bad idea.

Here’s the docs for Tween, they include examples for it’s usage.

You mention a progress bar specifically so here’s a example of reducing health and starting a tween from a progress bar script.

extends ProgressBar

var fill_tween: Tween
var health: int = 100

func change_health(amount: int) -> void:
    health += amount
    if fill_tween:
    fill_tween = create_tween()
    # the last parameter, 1.0 is duration of the animation
    fill_tween.tween_property(self, "value", health + amount, 1.0)
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That beginning part was what I needed thanks