Ui item blurry?

Godot Version

v4.2.2.stable.official [15073afe3]


It looks like bad anti-aliasing? How can I fix this.

What exactly is the background of the search bar? If it’s a PNG texture, you might try to set its texture_filter property to Nearest. This is usually used for pixelart, because it doesn’t do any blurring, but your background texture might become pixelated. But if it’s high enough resolution, it will be fine.

Texture filtering options

If you are using a vector graphic or a flat stylebox (like in this post of yours), then I really don’t know why it’s blurry :confused: I’d really recommend sticking with the flat stylebox for the input background!

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I am just using a stylebox actually, No clue

So, It was blurry because of the scaling settings. But now I don’t know how to build things to be scalable. sigh

Aha! I didn’t know you used scaling. Yeah, that’s the issue then. The game renders the UI at a smaller resolution and then scales it up to display at a bigger resolution, which causes the blur. This is an evergreen of an issue in gamedev :smiley:

There is a pretty good article about it in the docs.

I didn’t know that lol. I thought it would just scale the sizes of everything. I gotta go re-build some ui’s to stay scalable