Unable to see the gltf format when i am trying to use a gltf model for MeshInstance3d

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I created a gltf model and imported it in godot. When i create a MeshInstance3D mode and try to select it, it does not even show any of the gtlf files. I thought gltf was the format to be used in everything 3d in godot.

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Save to File: Saves the Mesh resource to an external file (this isn’t a scene file). You generally don’t need to use this for placing the mesh in a 3D scene – instead, you should instance the 3D scene directly. However, having direct access to the Mesh resource is useful for specific nodes, such as MeshInstance3D

You need to configure the import to save the mesh as a mesh instead of making some node out of it.


Thanks! i will check this out :slight_smile:

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