Unwanted velocity with controller joystick - dpad working as intended

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Godot 4.2.1


Hello all,

I’m using the code below for friction for my CharacterBody2D. The code works perfectly with keyboard controls or the DPAD on my PS4 controller. However, if I use the joystick on my PS4 controller I often get a constant small velocity that won’t reduce to zero. Does anyone know a resolution for this?

Here’s an example with the DPAD:

Here’s an example with the joystick:

This is the most relevant line of code:
velocity.x -= spd_inc * 0.5 * sign(velocity.x)

Here’s the relevant player movement code:

#control player
if Globals.is_alive0:
	#horizonatal input
	move_h = Input.get_axis('left0', 'right0')

    #increase speed with time
	if move_h:
		velocity.x += spd_inc * move_h 
		if abs(velocity.x) > mv_spd:
			velocity.x = mv_spd * move_h 
    #ground friction (slight player slide is intended)
	if is_on_floor():
		if abs(move_h):
			if velocity.x != 0:
				velocity.x -= spd_inc * 0.5 * sign(velocity.x)

Do you have a deadzone set greater than 0? I think the default is 0.5 which is pretty crazy, but 0.1 would help you out enough.

Could be that this line is missing a top out like your max speed has

if velocity.x != 0:
	velocity.x -= spd_inc * 0.5 * sign(velocity.x)
	# similar to > mv_spd
	if abs(velocity.x) < 1:
		velocity.x = 0

thanks for your reply! I’m new to game dev so haven’t even considered deadzone until you brought it up but was able to resolve the issue!

so I tried your code suggestion, which was a great suggestion, prior to adjusting the deadzone.This didn’t resolve the issue unfortunately

Then I tried deadzone at 0.1. This also didn’t resolve the issue

Then I tried deadzone at 0. This also didn’t resolve the issue

Then I tried deadzone at 1.0. This surprisingly resolved the issue. Unless you foresee an issue with a 1.0 deadzone?

Okay, it only took a couple of minutes of playtesting to realize how dumb it would be to have a deadzone of 1 haha

Gertkeno sent me down the right path by bringing up deadzone, and it ultimately lead me to the resolution. The movement feels much better with a deadzone of .2 so I switched it to that from the default of .5.

I was able to resolve the friction issue with this code even while having a deadzone of .2:

move_h = Input.get_axis('left0', 'right0')
		if move_h > 0: 
			move_h = 1
		if move_h < 0: 
			move_h = -1

That way, if there is a move_h value less than abs(1), which was happening with the joystick, then move_h will be adjusted to -1 or 1

This in turn causes velocity.x to be an integer rather than a float. And therefore the friction will bring the player to a stop as intended with this line:
velocity.x -= spd_inc * 0.5 * sign(velocity.x)

Thanks Gertkeno!

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