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Hello all,

Today I was trying to add a particle effect to my game, and as I was making the final change to the code to try and make it appear the editor/parser told me that the explosion particle FX was corrupt/invalid so I deleted them - the scene and the associated .gd script file. Then exited out of Godot and went back in to try and recreate the effect again.

I was so busy that I didn’t notice that the game scene with everything in it had disappeared and when I tried to load it back up it said:

Load failed due to missing dependencies:


Now, is there any way to fix this error I tried open anyway, and it said it was game was invalid/corrupt, and on the right it said “Fix Dependencies” which I am hesitant to try. Would this fix everything up? The last time I had a project go belly up, I mean it was totally gone, was in Unity and that was the last time I ever used it.

Any help is massively appreciated :pray:.

I seemed to have dodged a bullet.

By making an empty scene with the same name and putting it in the same directory it seems to be working again.

Damn that was scary :fearful:.

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Please use versioning or back ups.
There is a reason why this is a widely adopted practice.
Good luck with your project!

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Yeah, I made a backup straight after that and needed it about 8 or 9 times more trying to figure out where the error was. The thing was I was about to make a backup after what was supposed to be a 5 minute exercise - yeah silly me.

I was relying on advice I found here at the forum that was always crapping up the debugging and making two files go invalid/corrupt and disappear from the project.

After I found out what the culprit was, I went through three or four more tutorials to try and rectify the error. So, 12.5 hours after the first error occurred I finally found an answer.

If I knew how to use GIT, I would.

The funny thing is the initials you have for your name VBe - are actually my initials, for a couple of moments I was wondering what was going on.


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