Using 3d renderer for 2d, pixel ratio, scanline and 3d dilema

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hey all I am running in a quite important dilema at the moment.

I am getting started on my project and it is a side-scroller 2D that I want to be running natively on CRTs so 240p nothing crazy so far but where things get more complex is I am planning to do it using the 3d render pipeline mainly because I will mix 2d and 3d and I want to have access to some of the 3d render pipeline, its a workflow I am more used to as well and render texture ain’t enough to achieve what I would like.

So my main question is: I am just not sure how I will be able to make sure my 3d rendering output will be respecting my correct pixel resolution and how to avoid a situation where I have my 2d pixel assets misaligned to my resolution (since its 3d) downscaled by my low resolution.

I am adding some image to try explain the issue here so it is easier to understand the challenge I could be facing down the line especially since I plan to use perspective to ease my parallaxed assets such as fore and background etc.


in the end, the end goal is to make sure most of my pixels fit in nicely in the actual scanlines and no pixel falls in the in between that needs to be redrawn uneven or blended

So I would still love to have anyone’s idea about this problem but for the time being, I decided to go 2.5d with near orthographic camera :slight_smile: