Using parent node size to scale child nodes goes past parent node size

Godot Version




I have a game that mimics a computer screen and the player could open windows and add time slots to an Agenda.

Main scene:

The agenda is within the borders of the computer screen however the time labels are not spaced correctly for me, so i added the following code in the VBoxContainer that contains the time labels:

extends VBoxContainer

func _enter_tree():
    var size_y = get_parent().size.y
    var size_single_label = size_y / get_children().size()

    for child in get_children():
        child.set_custom_minimum_size(Vector2(0, size_single_label))

Agenda scene:

But the time labels go past the Agenda scene instance bounderies when i play the main scene:

Any insights on why it does that?