Using the build in multiplayer but broadcasting over steam

Godot Version



Hey everybody i am currently working on a multiplayer game similar to Rounds or Stick Fight.

I am completly new to network coding so i am having a hard time getting started with that.

My question would be if it’s possible to use Godot’s internal multiplayer functionality, like the Syncronizier node but broadcast everything over steam and use steams lobby system.

So Steam would be used for creating the lobby, invite friends, and send and receive data.

The reason why i am asking this is because i couldn’t find any good tutorial how to set up a remote connection to all peers without steam. All the tutorials i could find are for local Lan-Games. So no dealing with ports, IP-Adress etc.

The creator also said they would make an example project for p2p authentication. You can join their discord server here: GodotSteam