Usurpers - A procedural rogue-lite

I don’t want to tell too much about it as, for now, it’s just me having fun with the engine and learning.

This is a video I captured today showcasing the tentative, although lacking in visual talent, GUI.

There are a couple of videos about it in my YT playlist for those interested.


UI is really looking good. Inventory and equipment screen looks fantastic. Simpler is always better in the beginning, as easier to change.

One suggestion; though this is all subjective and just my personal opinion, but to me the title screen is very colourful, with cartoon font. Once in game the graphics are very straight laced and serious, with muted colours. As a result, UI font looks a little out of place in game. You could either bring the titlescreen (and in game UI font) in line with the game by finding one that’s a little less cartoon, or alternatively make the game more stylistic/colourful to bring it more in line with the expectations set by the titlescreen.

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Thanks for the kind words.

Don’t put much into anything at this point as everything might, and probably will, change. The font is the same everywhere, based on a global theme and the title screen is orange because it’s my favorite color, but it is cartoony and a bit too much, but it makes me smile and this makes the whole thing feel more like fun.

As for the inventory, the basic will remain similar; a three-pane view where drag-&-drop can be done to equip doodads to augment basic, but per-character specific, equipements. In other words, items will not change (most probably, but not dismissing it entirely), they will be augmented.

The tilemap is extremely basic and WILL change. I will probably ask for an artist to make one, but this is in a far away future.

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