VehicleBody3D wheels rotating only while turning and accelerating without limit while turning in reverse

Godot Version 4.2.1 stable


so I’ve been trying to make a rideable car in godot 4 using few youtube videos, but no matter what solutions do I choose I always run into the same problems. So on every video the wheels are rotating while driving forward/backward, but in my case they only do while im turning. I know that I can handle it with code, but it’s weird to me that it works without it for everyone. The second issue is that when I drive forward and take a turn everything works as expected, but when im driving backwards and taking a turn, then the car accelerates very fast and you lose control of it easily.
The code for the vehiclebody3d is just:
extends VehicleBody3D
const ENGINE_POWER = 200
func _physics_process(delta):
steering = lerp(steering,Input.get_axis(“ui_right”,“ui_left”)0.4, 5delta)
engine_force = Input.get_axis(“ui_down”,“ui_up”)*ENGINE_POWER
To make this as simple as possible to find the problem.
All parameters for the wheels, suspension and damping are the same for front and back wheels are the same, except that friction slip for front wheels is 40 and 38 for back wheels.