Vlobs - Chill arcade/puzzle game

Vlobs is my first Godot project, originally made in Godot 4.0 but recently updated with v1.1.5 using Godot 4.2. It’s a relaxing little puzzle/arcade game about first figuring out the mechanics and then trying to get a good score or seeing how far you can get.

Where to play
Vlobs on Steam (Windows and Linux)
Apple App Store (macOS and iOS)

While it’s my first Godot project it’s actually a sort of re-imagining of an old game I made a long time ago back in high school that had the same main mechanics. Since I think it’s still relatively unique and fun I figured it would be a nice limited scope project to try out a modern game engine and see if getting back into making games was for me.

Another goal with the project was to try and get the game published on as many platforms as possible, just to learn how and see what this was like (both mobile and desktop). So originally I also published an Android and itch.io version to try that as well (that’s I’ve now removed).

Over all a pretty nice learning experience, both the development and publishing/distribution parts. And it’s definitely something I’d recommend trying first with a smaller project like this if you want to do something bigger later on.