W.I.P.: Dungeometry, yet another Roguelike Dungeon Crawler

Hey! I’m KDeveloper, an indie game dev with 3 and a half years of experience (1 and a half of which is in Godot), and right now I’m working on a project that i can already feel more proud about than my older projects. I’m not planning to release it this year, but definitely in the first half of 2024. Right now I’m polishing up the game for the upcoming Godot Showreel, despite not having much content in it as of now.

Why make this post?
I’m making this post to suggest a challenge to all devs seeking one, which is to make a game with little to no sprite-work, where all animations are done through subtle animations and/or post-processing (shaders, particles, anything goes!)
Feel free to comment under this post for either questions about the project or to share your thoughts on the challenge!

More about the actual game:
Right now I’m planning to add quite a few things, including but not limited to:

  1. Procedural room generation
  2. At least 80 unique items/relics
  3. Multiple floors with multiple sets of bosses you might face during a run
  4. Many, many puns

I’m hoping that i will feel good enough about this project to actually sell it… you know… for money. And I also have a few other projects that’re queued to be worked on after I finish this one. The two games I plan to make after this one are a necromancer-based wall-on-wall strategy game battler, and a roguelike tower-defense. So uhh follow me on social media if you’re interested, or something?