webp not working in godot?

Godot Version

godot 4.2.2


I have a sequence of png images (57 images) that contains an animation, the issue is that when testing only that animation, the gpu consumption is 510mb, since you cannot use gifs in godot, I wanted to see if using webp the vram consumption would be less, but Apparently I can’t use webp. Does anyone have any idea if it’s an engine error or something I did wrong?

You can reimport images as “VRAM compressed” to save on size. You could also create a theora .ogv video file, though it’s hard to get good quality out of it.

Interestingly Godot converts images interally into webp, this is what that .godot folder is full of.

Hello, thank you for responding theora. .ogv I tried it a long time ago and it only worked if the codec was 8 with 9 it never worked for me and as for re-importing, the editor does not allow it. I don’t know if there are more webp formats since I converted a gif to webp from a website and with all the websites that I tried, godot does not allow me to use it

Need specifics to help any further. Online tools are likely going to be terrible at converting images and videos to the open source standards required.

For example this quote:

I tried it a long time ago and it only worked if the codec was 8 with 9 it never worked for me

theora does not have a 8 or 9 codec, I belive you were converting to a webm (vp8/9) which is not the same, and not supported.

This ffmpeg command will create a theora video, godot also recommends Handbrake, a gui for converting videos.

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -codec:v libtheora -qscale:v 7 -codec:a libvorbis -qscale:a 5 output.ogv

Re-importing is allowed, walk me through what went wrong exactly. For reference you must click your image (.png) from the godot filesystem, then head to the import tab and change it’s mode to vram compressed for a smaller memory footprint.

More on re-importing options found in the docs

Finally there are not more webp formats to explore, godot does not support importing webp files even though it uses them internally.

Hello, if I import from a webp, Godot recognizes it and I can use it, but it is a sequence of animations (gif converted to webp). If I open it directly in the web browser, it works, but not in Godot.
I use the web (ezgif) to convert the files

webp is not supported, you can re-import PNG files.

Here’s an online tool that can convert GIF to OGV as needed.

Yes, I guess I’ll have to stick with the PNG for the moment, thanks for everything.

Static WebP (lossless or lossy) is supported in Godot, but animated WebPs are not. Godot doesn’t support APNG (animated PNG) either, but static PNGs work.