WebXR Initialization Error ~ Eye Tracking

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I have a couple WebXR projects that work fine… However, following the same steps I’ve used in other projects I’m getting an initialization error:

The only difference is that I’m attempting to use Eye Tracking in this WebXR project. I have confirmed the eye tracking code works fine when compiled for Android running on a Quest Pro.

Is this error due to attempting to use Eye Tracking in WebXR? Any help would be appreciated.

I understand why I’m getting the error!
It looks like WebXR doesn’t support Eye Tracking yet.

I haven’t looked into eye tracking on webXR at all. I’ll ask David Snopek if he has any ideas. Might indeed just not be supported (yet).

What web browser and headset are you using?

Did you use both the polyfills as described in my tutorial? See the “Exporting” section in How to make a VR game for WebXR with Godot 4 | Snopek Games

With regard to eye tracking: I think we actually have implemented enough of the input stuff that it should theoretically work (but in a different way from OpenXR), except I don’t think any web browser actually implements it.