Weird circle physics

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For some reason, the player in my game keeps bouncing randomly when rolling across the ground. It is a rigidbody2d with a circle collision shape. The ground is a tilemap node. The ground’s collider is completely flat on top.

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I feel like I’ve run into this before. I think it might have been slightly imperfect collision shapes on the tiles creating small gaps that cause issues .

I increased the width of the collision shape on the tiles, but it still is bouncing.

Do you have any idea how to fix it?

I need the project files

Download here:

Ok, I will check it tomorrow (11-12 hrs later)

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Sorry for late reply :sweat_smile:, Follow this steps, it will reduce a lot of bounce, but still bounce a little bit:

  1. Fix the collision, make it properly, you can press f in the tileset`s physics layer (!!!Important!!!)
  2. Set the center of mass to auto
  3. Increase the gravity, like 2
  4. Decrease the speed a little bit
  5. You can also increase the linear velocity damp like to 1 or 0.5 without decreasing speed (or increase the mass to 2, not need to increase linear velocity will better)

After following this steps, you will find bounce a little bit, it will look better like realistic friction
(I think you do not need to follow this steps and fix it because the bouncy ball is looking well, like realistic friction but if you want to reduce some bounce, then you can do this)

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