Weird visual glitches on 2d sprites

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So I’m making a game, and for some reason every character’s sprite glitches out.
By “glitches out” I mean like this:


I have no idea what’s causing this, the fixes I’ve tried were: Setting the Camera2D’s zoom to 2 (this still had a couple of visual glitches, but not as much as zoom set to 1) and snapping vertices and transforms (fixed the visual glitches but caused the movement to look stutter-y, I don’t know if that’s the right word…)

I’m using the Compatibility renderer, but this issue also happened on Forward+. Here are my window settings just in case.


These visual glitches don’t happen on anything else like the UI or other scenes.

Edit: This also happens on TileMaps, but only in-game. In the editor, the TileMaps are ok. Also, I should’ve clarified, the sprites also have visual glitches IN the editor.

How large are your sprites? If you’re using something small, like 16*16

I think you should upscale it to 64*64.

search for pixel art up scaling

Sprite size is 23x34 for each animation.
Dunno if I should upscale it that high, considering I’m trying to keep it at the same window size as SNES games (256x224).

I think the ratio is the important thing, not the actual size of the screen. Go with 1024x896.
If you upscale the sprites and the screen by the same amount, it will look like SNES, but with a higher quality.

(23x34) x4 = (92,136)
(256x224) x4 = (1024x896)
something like this

alright thanks, i’ll try it out

ok so i tried it, the visual glitches arent as obvious BUT it’s still slightly glitched enough to where if you look closely it’s visible

Did you try adjusting the texture filter? The instructions in this topic explain how:

i have, and it didn’t work sadly

Ok, so I actually managed to fix the issue! What I did was instead of having the animations be 23x34, i made it so its 48x48 and now it doesn’t have these glitches!

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