Welcome to the Godot Forum! 👋

Oh cool, I’m in the same boat, being a a digital artist and wannabe game dev just starting out and learning Godot. Just found this forum, and did the verification, which was surprisingly fun.


Hi all, My name is Jason. Been working and donating for the engine for years. Have a Steam game :slight_smile: Working on another! Mostly hobby though and therapy. Hope all is well


Hello Everyone,

My name is Lars Barnabee. I have been learning godot since last December and I really like gdscript. I have also been learning Aseprite when I have the time. I was wondering if we have certain rules for posting about a game prototype? Do we have rules or etiquette regarding requesting video game feedback? Is it permissible to share itch.io prototypes?

I have a bit of a background in programming, but I am trying to become better at music and sounds. I really need too…

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Hi there, and welcome! :gdparty:

We do allow you to share what you are working on. There is several subcategories in Showcase that you can use, for a prototype you probably want to use the In Development category. Feel free to ask for feedback there and include a link to your itch.io page!

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@winston-yallow Thanks! I was hoping to have an online web export on itch.io, but it appears to not work with Godot 4.2 Oof. I discovered some reddit users who had similar issues to mine. I think I am probably going to need to make dmg and exe as well as a video to display gameplay. I will be sure to use In Development. Thanks for the information!

Feel free to ask in Help about web exports, but generally it should work on itch.io if you enable the shared array buffer in the itch settings. But I won’t go into details here as it would be off-topic for this thread :grin:

Thanks for the information winston-yallow

That was the funny thing. I thought that would make it work as well, but I got 2-3 issues that appeared in the browser console. Yes! Not to go off topic. I feel like I could fix this issue, but I wouldn’t be able to use itch.io because of server config. I think the issue is related to webgl 2.0. Funny enough I ran into similar issues when working with the first version of webl and using mjs when I was trying to make my own engine before using Godot. Even that version still has its issues. I couldn’t load tile map json without using fetch api. I got the godot web export working with a local server, but I had to setup an https server and allow certs to be able to get it to work on safari. The web these days. Haha. Sadly I don’t think I can pull this off with itch.io

Godot is really good and I think web browsers just make it difficult IMHO. Too bad browsers can’t sandbox these things so we don’t have to worry about these obscure issues. But I am not a browser developer, so perhaps I am overlooking something.

Thanks! Yes. It is way off topic. I have blabbed way too long here. I have a web dev background so I ran into similar issues in my day job a few years back. I am sure the Godot devs will fix the issues or find an alternative.

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