What am I doing wrong? "Invalid get index 'global_position' (on base: 'Array[Node]')."

I tried using this Node to spawn enemies and keep gettin this error:

“Invalid get index ‘global_position’ (on base: ‘Array[Node]’).”

What am I doing wrong? I was following a tutorial on youtube.

script attached to node:

extends Node2D

#Broken! Cant find player.global_position for some reason. Dont add to Gamemode2 Scene!

u/export var spawns: Array[SpawnInfo] = []

u/onready var gamer = get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("player")

var time = 0

func _on_timer_timeout():


time += 1

var enemy_spawns = spawns

for i in enemy_spawns:

if time >= i.time_start and time <= i.time_end:

if i.spawn_delay_counter < i.enemy_spawn_delay:

i.spawn_delay_counter += 1


i.spawn_delay_counter = 0

var new_enemy = load(str(i.enemy.resource_path))

var counter = 0

while counter < i.enemyNum:

var enemy_spawn = new_enemy.instantiate()

enemy_spawn.position = get_random_position()


counter += 1


func get_random_position():

var vpr = get_viewport_rect().size * randf_range(1.1,1.4)

var top_left = Vector2(gamer.global_position.x - vpr.x/2, gamer.global_position.y - vpr.y/2)

var top_right = Vector2(gamer.global_position.x + vpr.x/2, gamer.global_position.y - vpr.y/2)

var bottom_left = Vector2(gamer.global_position.x - vpr.x/2, gamer.global_position.y + vpr.y/2)

var bottom_right = Vector2(gamer.global_position.x + vpr.x/2,gamer.global_position.y + vpr.y/2)

var pos_side = ["up","down","right","left"].pick_random() #picks random value from target array

var spawn_pos1 = Vector2.ZERO #initiating

var spawn_pos2 = Vector2.ZERO

match pos_side: #switch statement


spawn_pos1 = top_left

spawn_pos2 = top_right


spawn_pos1 = bottom_left

spawn_pos2 = bottom_right


spawn_pos1 = top_right

spawn_pos2 = bottom_right


spawn_pos1 = top_left

spawn_pos2 = bottom_left

var x_spawn = randf_range(spawn_pos1.x, spawn_pos2.x)

var y_spawn = randf_range(spawn_pos1.y,spawn_pos2.y)

return Vector2(x_spawn,y_spawn)

SpawnInfo Rescoure:

extends Resource

class_name SpawnInfo

u/export var time_start: int

u/export var time_end: int

u/export var enemy: Resource

u/export var enemyNum: int

u/export var enemy_spawn_delay: int

var spawn_delay_counter = 0

when getting the gamer, it should be gamer[0]

the player you want to get is from SceneTree’s get_nodes_in_group, which return an Array of Nodes, in this case only the player is in it
but what you are trying to do after getting the Array of Nodes, you access the Array and trying to get the global_position of it, which an Array doesnt have it
instead of that you should try to get the first element/item from the Array of Nodes of gamer to use the global position, hence why when you tryna get the player node, you should do gamer[0]

To complement what @zdrmlpzdrmlp said, you also can use get_tree().get_first_node_in_group(“group_name”)

Also use the preformated text option when you write code (the </> icon on the top bar) makes the code look more clean to read

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i’m actually forgot that method existed, nice one
that should make it simpler by just changing the gamer syntax