What are the limitations of Godot's sound system?

Hello! Although I have already developed some games, I have not used Godot’s sound system extensively (just basic sound effects and looped music), consequently I have no experience with advanced audio in game development. However, I am also a music producer, and Godot’s audio system seems quite robust to me based on my area of knowledge (with 3D sound, audio routing in buses and real-time effects, for example).

That said, at what point does the developer encounter limitations in Godot’s audio system that force him to use FMOD, for example?

This question arises after exhausting the possibilities that the developer has to create on their own, such as:

  • A sound manager
  • A sound effect pool system
  • A smooth music transition system (with or without interactive music)

Once these possibilities have been exhausted, what would force you to use FMOD?

  • Features that are impossible to create within Godot? Which?
  • Difficulty in achieving the expected result? Which?
  • Performance problems?
  • Industry standards?
  • Familiarity with the tool?
  • Or another question?
  • Performance problems?


var sample_hz = 22050.0 # Keep the number of samples to mix low, GDScript is not super fast.

In the official demos I saw this hint in an example, better performance can only be achieved with C/C++, I think.

And it’s platform-specific and hardware: