What can I do to improve the PNG quality of imports - Specifically PNGs created by Blender?

Godot Version

v4.2.stable.official [46dc27791]


What can I do to improve the PNG quality of imports?

Specifically, I created a 2D idle animation in Blender and exported the frames to 20 separate PNG files.

When I import those files to Godot, the PNG files are grainy and the animation is not clear.

This does not happen for other PNG files that I have imported.

I have taken the same PNG files and sequenced them in Davinci Resolve and the video is not grainy. Also, when I look at the images themselves in file explorer, they are not grainy. So, something is happening to them when I import them into Godot.

I have tried to adjust the render settings for textures but nothing has helped.

Any ideas?

Have you tried changing the import settings?

PNGs can and sometimes do compress.

Thanks for the suggestion. I just now tried reimporting the images using the import tab and still see the issue. I tried multiple settings from within the import tab but sadly, it did not clear up the issue.

Also check out the texture filtering on the node itself. And maybe send us an image how it looks in Godot, so that we can see what is wrong. If you can, also give us the source png so that we can try and reproduce the issue to find a solution.

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I recommend using BPTC or ASTC as vram compression textures if your final game distribution size budget allows.

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If you’re importing pixel art, winston’s fix is likely what you’re looking for. :)
here’s the documentation page for CanvasItem and the different texture filtering settings, if it ends up being what you needed. :D

Thank you all. I’ve tried each of the suggestions but haven’t found anything that helped. It’s possible I am doing something wrong. I am attaching a screenshot of what the image looks like in Godot vs the source file, along with the source file image.

I am attaching a screenshot of what the image looks like in Godot vs the source file, along with the source file image.

Can you show the image format displayed on the Godot preview (in the bottom-right corner of the preview)? It’s cut off on your screenshot (I only see “2” “N” and “M”).

Have you instantiated the PNGs in a scene to see if they’re grainy in scene?

I’ve added them to my spritesheet and used them as an animation and it does appear grainy in the scene.

Here is a better screenshot hopefully. sorry about that

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i think i may see a slight improvement if I incorporate a combination of some of the suggestions above, such as setting the texture filter to nearest, vram compression to astc and forcing lossless compression. But i’m not sure of the impact that will have and if it is improving it much. I think I just may be looking at this too long. lol

Are you sure this is not only a preview display problem?
Are you also it getting grainy inside your game?
I think this only happens inside the preview window, but the sprite should be normal.

Using the sprite you provided above:
While the preview is kinda bad, the image seems normal inside the game.

Here’s it inside the editor viewport at 100% zoom

wow your image looks good. I had exported my game to see how it would look after the build but it still looked grainy. Your image looks pretty large for 100%. I have to have it at like 3x that. My project settings window size is set to 1152 x 648. Here is what my preview looks like at 336%. it looks better but it’s not as clear as your image.

This is starting to smell like a config issue on my end… just not sure what config parameter it is.

I started a new project and threw the images in there and it worked fine. so something is up with my current project. I will compare the two projects to see if I can figure out what the diff is and if that doesn’t work, I will move to a new project file.

Thanks all for your help!!

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You should not need to create a new project to fix this. This is most certainly a problem with this specific texture file import settings. You should take a screenshot of your import settings so that we know exactly what is happening.

You said that “Your image looks pretty large for 100%. I have to have it at like 3x that”. This is probably a hint that something is weird with the import settings. Maybe you have set a size limit in the import settings and it is being imported in a lower resolution

I have tested the png you provided with this import settings and it looks fine

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